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Suggestion Adding a simple like and/or thank option?

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    adding a simple "like" and/or "thank" option?

    I don't know if this has been suggested before or not.

    how about adding a few buttons that illustrate a little appreciation for all the work people do?
    an option for "like thread" and an option for "thank user"

    "like thread" can be clicked if the user has posted a interesting / informative thread.
    "thank user" can be clicked if the user has helped you out with something
    the total number of times the user has been thanked and/or liked appears under the usertitle whenever the user posts.
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    Re: adding a simple "like" and/or "thank" option?

    I've considered it in the past, but declinded in favor of less screen clutter. You can PM a member or post on their profile page to give thanks :)
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