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Adding an icon in mingw?

  1. Feb 4, 2009 #1
    Okay, here's one.

    - I'm developing a program for macintosh+windows.
    - But, I myself am on a macintosh.
    - So, I installed MinGW on my mac. Now, I can compile Windows .exes sitting here on my macintosh. (This part already works.)
    - But I can't figure out: How do I give my program an icon?

    I have here a .ico I made, but I don't know how to associate it with or embed it into my Windows .exe. I don't really know how Windows icons work. Is there a way to do this using mingw or any open source tool I can run on my mac? (I.E. what I'm trying to do somehow prep the exe is so that when I zip it up and send it over to a windows machine, the windows user will see the icon immediately.)
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    It is a GUI app or Console app?
    You should try some windows API function such as LoadIcon. You should read books such as <<windows programming>> by Charles Petzold.
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    It is a normal type gui app.

    I'm not sure what you mean about the API? I don't mean I want to change the icon at runtime, I mean like I want some file to be the program's icon even before it launches and I can't do the normal thing of right click->properties because I'm not actually on windows myself.
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    Oh, I'm using code::blocks and Mingw under windows, so, with application wizard, it is easy to generate a gui application.
    You can use include an icon file as it's resource file.
    That all I know.
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    OK. Thanks for the help.

    It turns out that the correct answer if you're limited to the command line tools is to http://www.cyrocom.co.uk/tutorials/cpp/icon.html [Broken]. I got it working using this.
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    Hi. Actually the http://blog.stranadurakov.com/2009/04/27/icon-and-version-information-resource-file/" [Broken] is pretty easy.
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