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Adding exponents

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    This is a really basic problem and I just need some review.
    How do I add 2k+1 + 2k+1?

    This is where I am stuck

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    Think of it this way. Can you add
    x + x?
    y + y?
    something + something?
    This is what the expression
    2k+1 + 2k+1
    merely is. Once you get that, then you can use the appropriate property of exponents.
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    Oh I see, so it would be..

    2*2k+1 = 2k+2

    and just another one for fun

    2k+1+2k+1+2k+1+2k+1 = 4*2k+1 = 2*2*2k+1 = 2k+3

    Does this seem correct?
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    Not only does it seem correct, it is correct.
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    Cool thanks !
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