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Adding remote control volume to old amplifier.

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    Found the site doing a Google search. Just need to know if this is possible.

    I have an old amplifier that does not have any remote control. I wondered if it would be possible to do something that will alow me to at least control the volume remotely.

    Any ideas.

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    This would be a project so be prepared to learn alot or find easier ways to do things.

    Easiest way would be to emulate what even Audio Research does for their $800 remote control option on their preamp. Attach a small DC motor to the volume control with a small belt (or an o-ring) and make the small DC motor turn the control like your hand would. You could get the motor from a small toy of some type. You might need to gear it down some (more pulley's and o-rings) so it spins slower, but easier. Step 1 done.

    Then buy something simple like this IC and remote and sensor:
    http://www.rentron.com/remote_control/IR-D14.htm [Broken]

    That's a little more than $25 and for the conveinence and all-in-one-place shopping a good price. Now wire up the circuit and you can press buttons on the remote and make LEDs light up. Step 2 done.

    Now you need to drive the motor forward and backward. Search google and learn how an h-bridge circuit works. Here's the first link I found, seems pretty good:

    And once you get that done, you're remote controlling. You might spend half as much a picking up a used receiver on ebay but what fun is that and you wouldn't learn as much doing it. :smile:

    Then get fancy and program a PIC microcontroller to do everything for version 2. :biggrin:

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