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Homework Help: Adding vectors graphiclly

  1. Sep 5, 2008 #1
    I understand how to add vectors graphiclly where i am stuck is how to show this one vector on a graph. Vector A = 80 lb at 60 degrees Vector B = 120lb at -45 degrees. the only part that doest make sense is it is in pounds so what do i do for the magnitudes.
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    Pythagorean theorem
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    what my question is if it were 2m at 30 degrees i would have no problem. Just scale it down and go from their. what is screwing me up is it is in pounds. how do i draw a line with the magnitude of 80 lbs
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    Provided that all the vectors are in the same unit, it doesn't matter what that unit is. Simply draw a vector with units of pounds as you would if it has units of meters.
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