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Homework Help: Adding Vectors

  1. Sep 25, 2005 #1

    I tried diong (6cos60, 6 sin 60) + (4cos160, 4 sin160) + (3cos330, 3sin330)
    and i got what the answer should be
    (5.06, 1.84), except theothe rway round (1.84, 5.06) i thogutht he cos gets the X, why did i have the switch. or is my approach all wrong. causei used the angles id get if i started from t he top of the y-axis.

    id appreciate some help
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    6cos60 is the y-component. 6cos30, on the other hand, is not.
    I'm confused by your choices of angles. I'd use the ones already there.
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