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Addition of angular momentum

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    Hi there.
    I was just confused with this addition of angular momentum!!!
    Any useful help or link about the mathematical consepts???
    Thanks in advance.
    Somy :smile:
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    Clebsch-Gordan's theorem,huh??? :tongue2: On the internet i found decent treatments only in German courses.There are some courses on QM in English too,just google:"Clebsch-Gordan coefficients/theorem".The only complete and at the same time comprehendable & nonmathematized version you can find in the old book of Cohen-Tannoudji.A bit more rigurous is the description in Sakurai's "Modern Quantum Mechanics" and a rigurous treatment can be given in the context of group theory and representations.Wigner's book or any other book entitled "Group Theory in/and Quantum Mechanics" will be good enough.Personally i've been taught the intuitive approach by Cohen-Tannoudji.

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    Thanks dextercioby.
    I'll take a look to sakurai. I don't have the cohen's.
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