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Additional Calculus problems?

  1. Jul 28, 2013 #1
    My calculus AP class uses Larson 8th edition. I am going over the book and would like additional practice in some of the topics. Is there any supplemental online site or free book, or any book in general that I can get a ton of challenging legit problems?
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    you could go to the library & get another book & solve all of its problems. & then another & another. edwards & penney, and stewart are other standard texts. courant & robbins, hardy, and thomas all wrote classic calculus books that have good (and HARD!) problems. or get a copy of gradshteyn & ryzhik & derive all the formulas yourself. schaum's has an outline book on calculus & also 3000 solved problems in calculus, both of which are fairly cheap, easy to find and worth keeping. there's an old soviet book by demidovich that's good too but might be hard to find.
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    Yes, look at MIT's OCW calculus courses, they have a moderate number of supplementary problems included. For more, get one of those mammoth problem books.
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