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Homework Help: Additional dimentions?

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    I have a 12 grade Physics report due, topic:

    answer an unanswered physics question.
    my question= Are there additional dimentions?

    if anyone has any information on this topic, can point me to a website, or anything else helpful, that would be great.

    im expectiong to hear... :surprised
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    Yes,there are.Additional to how many??3,4,10,11,26??


    PS.I believe u can be given a good answer here.But try first to ask the right question. :wink:
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    Brief answer: nobody knows for sure, but if sting theory is correct, there may be up to 26 "hidden" spatial dimensions.

    Some more info:

    Current research in mathematical physics strongly favors a theory (string theory) that predicts the existence of as many as 26 dimentions.

    If that is so, and nature actually has as many dimensions, there are (at least) two possible ways in which they remain "hidden" to us:
    1. If they are too small, so that we do not notice,
    2. If we are confined in a three-dimensional slice of the 26D space,

    You can find more info in http://www.superstringtheory.com. If you find something hard to understand in there, feel free to come back and ask.
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    Watch the elegant universe....

    or read the book... by brian greene
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    did you mean special instead of spatial? if not i guess in this subject they are interchangeable maybe. yes, of course, other dimensions. dimension=mision-die=mis ion ide. there's a million maybe. c-eve with a smile >wink<
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