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Adiabatic compressed air

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    . Consider a pump that is required to compress air in a factory. The cylinder in the pump has an inner

    diameter of 2.00 cm and length 60.0 cm. Air is drawn into the pump at atmospheric pressure and

    18 degrees celcius and the pump adiabatically compresses the air to a pressure of 17 atmospheres.

    (a) Calculate the volume and temperature of the compressed air.

    (b) What is the increase in internal energy of the gas during the compression?

    (c) Suppose that the air in the pump is compressed once and the compressed air and the steel of

    the cylinder on the pump the come into thermal equilibrium. If the cylinder is 1.00 mm thick,

    what will be the increase in temperature of the steel after one compression?

    How should i go about solving this question?
    I don't fully understand thermodynamics.
    I would love it if you just gave me a worked example. I find it easier to understand since my English is not very good.
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    Hello and welcome!

    Please re-post this question in our homework forum and use the template there (automatically inserted).
    This thread is meant as an opportunity to introduce yourself to the community only.

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