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Adiabatic expansion of gas

  1. Sep 10, 2011 #1
    for 1 mole of gas, the adiabatic factor gamma is given by Cp,m / Cv,m
    where the C are molar heat capacities

    so if now i have 2 moles of gas

    will my calculation change at all?

    for example, if i use PVgamma = PVgamma

    will anything change? it seems weird, it doesn't depend on the number of moles n

    since n Cp,m / n Cv,m , the n cancels out

    issn't this akin to saying adiabatic expansion of gas is the same for 1 mole VS 100 moles?
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  3. Sep 10, 2011 #2

    Do not worry about moles n. Calculation of physical quantity per mole do not depend on n.

  4. Sep 10, 2011 #3
    alright thanks!
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