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Homework Help: Adiabatic Expansion

  1. Sep 8, 2005 #1
    An ideal gas at 500 K is expanded adiabatically to 6.5 times its original volume. Determine its resulting temperature if the gas is as follows.

    (a) monatomic

    (b) diatomic (no vibrations)

    (c) diatomic (molecules do vibrate)

    Anything to get me started?
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    Start with [itex]PV^y[/itex] = constant where [itex]y = 1 + \frac{2}{f}[/itex]

    where f= degrees of freedom

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    But where does temperature come in the picture?
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    Use PV=RT

    Put the value of P from above equation into [itex]PV^y[/itex] , not try it out.

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