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Adiabatic quantum computation

  1. Feb 18, 2014 #1
    After reading Times article on D-Wave today I got to thinking...

    The geometry of the Minkowski plane can be described with split-complex numbers
    which brings into play the unit hyperbola.

    An example of the Identity Component links split-complex numbers to the Klein four-group.

    An example of the Klein four-group is given by the multiplicative group {1,5,7,11} with the action being
    multiplication modulo 12.

    The Divisor Summatory Function can be visualized as the
    count of the number of lattice points fenced off by a hyperbolic surface in k dimensions.

    Quantized angular momentum can be shown to follow this geometry as well with Pauli matrices.

    Couldn't something like this be used for Adiabatic quantum computation?

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