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Adibatic process

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    I know that adibatic process means no heat transfer.

    i.e., →PV[itex]\gamma[/itex] =constant.

    Where [itex]\gamma[/itex] = 1.4 for diatomic gas, [itex]\gamma[/itex]= 1.6 for monoatomic gas.

    My question is how [itex]\gamma[/itex]=Cp/Cv ?

    And can we prove theoritcally that [itex]\gamma[/itex] = 1.4 for diatomic gas, [itex]\gamma[/itex]= 1.6 for monoatomic gas.
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    Gamma is defined as the ratio of the specific heat at constant pressure to the specific heat at constant temperature.

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    jack action

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    This equation is only true for an ideal gas undergoing a reversible (i.e., no entropy generation) adiabatic process.

    It is simply a definition for which we found a physical significance (Like work is defined as a force times its displacement).

    Read The simple case of the monatomic gas and Diatomic gas on Theory of heat capacity.
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    Thank you for spending time to clarify my doubts. Your answer helped me.
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