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Homework Help: Adjoint linear operator

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    If L is the following first-order linear differential operator
    L = p(x) d/dx
    then determine the adjoint operator L* such that
    integral from (a to b) [uL*(v) − vL(u)] dx = B(x) |from b to a|
    What is B(x)?

    sorry.. on my book theres only self-adjointness

    i dont quiet understand what is the adjoint liear operator.

    may someone solve this problem and tell me what exactly adjoint linear operator is ?
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    The adjoint [itex]A^\dagger[/itex] of a linear operator [itex]A[/itex] is defined by [itex]\langle x,Ay\rangle=\langle A^\dagger x,y\rangle[/itex]. Physicists write the adjoint as [itex]A^\dagger[/itex], mathematicians write it as [itex]A^*[/itex]. A is self-adjoint if [itex]A^\dagger=A[/itex].
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    how to find the A* then.. sry :(
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