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Job Skills Adjunct Professors Living in Poverty

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    Good basic thinking, Apple_Mango. One may wonder on the other hand, what really is in the minds of some of those people. Maybe they take the wrong road toward possible employment alternatives!
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    At the risk of going off topic...

    First of all, I know a few people who currently work as sex workers or have worked as sex workers in the past (one woman I know -- who I met through mutual friends from my alma mater -- paid her undergraduate tuition as a high-end escort/sex worker). These women (and men) are intelligent, articulate people and are far from the stereotype that you or others may hold about them, and they are certainly not embarrassed about having worked in this area.

    Second, you make it sound that becoming a copy editor (as an example) is a job that is easily accessible to people with a PhD (or even just an BA). Does it not occur to you or others that these positions may be highly competitive? Also, do we really have any idea how well-paid these positions are? Those are things you need to keep in mind.
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    Sex workers, suicide by bus ... This thread needs a break (if not a closure).

    Closed on pending moderation.
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