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News Admin for Iraq

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    This is the list from the BBC:

    Jay Garner, head, Office of Humanitarian Assistance and Reconstruction
    Bruce Moore, northern area administrator
    Barbara Bodine, central area administrator
    Buck Walters, southern area administrator
    George Ward, humanitarian aid
    Lewis Lucke, reconstruction
    Michael Mobbs, civilian government

    I'm somewhat familiar with Garner and Bodine. Anyone familiar with the rest of them?
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    No. :(

    The Iraqi whose name is being thrown around most now for the post-transitional dictator -- I mean democratic leader -- is Ahmed Chalabi. He is actually a pretty cool guy, a mathematician, but I am somewhat worried by the fact he's been out of the country for ~50 years, and may have spent a little too long in the ivory tower: at one point I saw him quoted as saying "the de-Baathification of Iraq must be a holistic social process." Hmmm.

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    I'm not so sure I would consider Ahmed Chalabi a "cool" guy.
    I think he may have a somewhat tawdry hidden past (there are rumors). Time will tell.
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