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Admin password of windows

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    Yesterday,my brother locked my admin password by setting a random password unknowingly. Now I cant access that account. Please tell me, is there a way to know the admin password from other account or any other method to access the admin account.
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    You can reset the password from another admin account. Otherwise it will be more difficult. A simple Google search for "windows reset administrator password" will generate lots of possibilities.
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    I tried all but none worked.
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    It's easier to help if you could be a little more detailed in what you tried and where you weren't successful.
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    "With great power comes great responsibility." -Uncle Ben.
    If you do this on a computer you're not authorized to, "you go to jail bad boy." (Russell Peters)
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    Unsure what the video above shows, but I use Nordahl in times of need. It's free to download as well.
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    Haha thanks :) I only said that as I'm at work, so watching videos is something that I have to wait until I get home to do, and if it mentioned the software I posted about, just wanted to state that I wasn't sure what the video went over. I'll definitely check it out, though, as you can never have too many tools in your toolbox :)
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    What version of os is it....?
    I'll tell you then straight away... :)
    Diffrent methods for diffrent os
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    I have Windows 7 ultimate in my laptop.
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    Do you have your repair disk.....? (Which i'm supossing u dont have)
    If you have to follow this link....

    Now the other way...
    Can you get another bootable os through pendrive....
    A bootable os is which you can run from ur pendrive,cd,sdcard,camera or anything that has storage....
    Its always nice to have any os installed on ur pendrive (i would prefer ubuntu for biggners but you can anything you want.... :) )
    Go for 8 gb or higher pd for os installs...
    You can carry your computer anywhere with you in 8 gb pendrive (Pd).....
    Sorry i deviated from main topic but it is worth it....
    So if you have bootable os say Ubuntu Linux(preferred)then open terminal....
    Ahh wait I'll get the link...

    You can find anything on internet :D
    I came to know about chntpw when I was in class 8
    I wanted to take down my floor incharges computer so badly...... I had that kind of passion for getting into other people's system :)
    Anyways hope it helps...

    Want another way...
    Just google it dude
    "Just remember to take down networks Google is your best friend"
    Any unsecured network shows so much info that u can just grab by google...

    Anyways other left ways are either by bootable password changing disk as mentioned above by some one...
    Or just asking the person who is the admin of the computer :p
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    Thanks my friend, but all this will format the data in the PC that I don't want.:)
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    No no no none of the data will be formatted during any of these two ways....
    I can't understand where u came up with pc formating....
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    The lesson here is that you managed accounts improperly or did not log off when you should have. Humans...

    My suggestion (the may have already been suggested):
    boot into Linux (a.k.a "a better OS")
    $ sudo apt-get install chntpw

    $ cd .../Windows/System32/config
    $ sudo chntpw -l SAM
    get the username of an ADMIN account (you may already know this)
    $ sudo chntpw -u "USERNAME" SAM
    type 2
    type the new password
    hit enter
    type y
    hit enter

    You are done.
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    Thanks man, the trick worked:):)
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    Good to know.
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    Nothing dude...
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