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Administrative question

  1. Jun 30, 2008 #1
    I am brand new here. This looks like a very good site.

    In the spirit of playing within the rules, and the interest of clarity, rigorousness, and hopefully to simplify usefullness of future posts, is there a way to create posts in LyX/LaTeX format (q.v. attached pdf file)?
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    Yes, latex is enabled on the forums. You can either format it manually yourself using [noparse] [tex][/tex] [/noparse] tags, or you can use the editor, which is available by pressing the sigma icon in the reply window.
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    I've never seen anybody produce a whole post (including text) in LaTeX, but I suppose it could be done by wrapping it in [ tex] [ /tex ] tags (after removing the spaces from inside the tags). However, I don't know if the text would be accessible to the forum search function, or Google.
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    Yeah that would be terrible waste of resources and we'd frown upon doing it.
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    [tex] is comparable to \[. If you want to embed equations in a paragraph, use [itex], which is comparable to $.
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