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Administrators can see the IP numbers

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    Hi everyone. I'm a moderator at a forum and the moderators and administrators can see the IP numbers for all the other general users there. I've noticed that my IP number keeps on changing for some reason. I don't know too much about this sort of stuff so if anybody can explain that to me, it would be great. Thanks :smile:
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    Well, what type of connection to the internet do you have? If you're on dial-up, every time you dial in you get a new IP address. Your provider has a block of addresses and assigns them pretty arbitrarily.

    If you have cable or dsl or college lan or another always-on connection, chances are you still have dynamic IP (changes at the whim of the ISP), but since people stay connected longer, you're likely to have the same IP for months.
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    Stop checking and just watch, isn't it a nice way ?

    Today, in oder to stay away from hackers and to be anonymous in the internet, people like to use free proxies, which is also highly recommended to everyone. I think one possible reason pops up in my head now as to why someone visits to your site with a certain free ip address, and then he/she has to change it repeatedly is because his present one is being checked for identification.
    When such a check is carried out, those users's internet loading speed gets slower. You might reason against me that you weren't doing that but, are you, moderators and administrators stay in the same office ? I am sure you are not :blushing:
    Since you guys are mods and admins, computers you are using at that time must not be only one, and that counts, the traffic is partially or fully blocked, and users are unable to get their ship move on :frown:.
    Proxy, if it is said to be free, is used not only by one but maybe by a lot of people...

    CS is not my major, which is why my post shouldn't sound like a technical one at all, it is only an idea I have on my trip of reading today's new posts on PF :biggrin:
    Is that correct anyway ? [shruggin' with nice teeth]
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    My IP address changes all the time, depending on how I am being NATed (we have a pool of Publics) or which site I am vpned into (pop locally). I am not trying to hide from anyone :-)
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    Truthfully, I wish I could know more about networking and computer so that I could be more sociable like you anttech :blushing:
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