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Admission-related Question

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    I just recently finished getting my Associates Degree in Communications Applications Technology from the US Air Firce and would like to go on to earn my B.S. in mathematics. However, I have some issues making it difficult for me to figure out exactly how to go about getting admitted into a mathematics program of my choice.

    Before joining the military, I spent 2-years in college and didn't do so hot (1.8 GPA). Since joining the military, I've taken a few CLEP tests to earn credits towards my associates as well as a class in which I got an A; therefore, my GPA has climbed to a 2.0. Another problem I'm running into is getting my transcripts from the Air Force sent to whichever schools I apply to. The transcript doesn't have a GPA, just the classes I took and amount of credits earned. So how will the schools accept this? Or do I need to send my transcripts from all the schools I attended before earning my degree? I'm worried if I have to do that, I will not be accepted due to the bad grades I obtained before joining the military. Regardless of whatever happens, should I include an essay explaining how I've changed since joining the military and become more responsible for my actions?

    Lastly, sorry to keep this going so long, the military will pay for me to take all the classes I took before joining again. As long as they haven't paid for the class, I can take it (even if I took the class prior to joining). If I take classes again that I did horrible in a long time ago, how will the new grades take affect? Will I just get the average (ie. I made a d now an A, so it would be a 2.5)? And if I retake the classes through UMUC, can I just send the college I'd like to apply to that transcript and my degree, or all of my transcripts?

    Again, sorry for the long post. I'd just like to understand the situation better before I send the wrong stuff with my application packets. Any help is greatly appreciated.
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    Most universities require you to submit transcripts from all your previous academic work when you make your application.

    Some schools have programs for mature students - you might look into this and see what the requirements are.
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    You don't want to be rejected just because you didn't send in your transcripts. (It happened to me when I was applying to grad school).

    In terms of your grades, as long as you show improvement you will be fine. Don't freak out too much.
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