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Adobe Acrobat

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    I want to get a program to edit pdf files. I notice there are still the old 6.0 standard edition available very cheap. Any short coming get that as I am too cheap to get the latest or even the 9 version. I am not trying to do video and all the fancy stuff, just want to create document with pictures like combining Word doc with jpg files.

    Can the 6.0 open and modify pdf that made from newer version?

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    if memory serves me right, adobe only provides support and update to the current version and the previous version of acrobat. You want to avoid 8 and lower if you can as there will be security problems.
    chances are it probably will not work. there have been significant changes and stuff will break if you try to open a pdf made in the newer versions with the old one, analogous to opening a office 2010 document in 2003 for example.
    i wouldn't recommend doing this. sorry i couldn't be of more help
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    Thanks for your reply. I have only the 2003 MS Office and I never encounter any problem.......knock on wood!!!

    No wonder they sell the Adobe 6 so cheap.
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    for most of the normal stuff, the compatibility pack will deal with it. But i've seen instances where specific formatting and some of the new art work will not translate well back to office 2003. its rare but it does happen if you make extensive use of the new features in Office 2007/2010.

    its very likely that similar problems exist but the real reason you want to avoid it is because its not updated or supported by adobe anymore. better safe than sorry.
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    So you mean it usually work on the newer version, just occasionally have some problem? I am not trying to do a lot of fancy stuff, like I don't push the boundary on the MS Office. Most like I want to buy it for $37 and learn it.
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    i'm just using office as an analogy. we're looking at a gap of 2 generations in office between 2003 and 2010 and there are potential pit falls when going between the two

    with acrobat, we're looking at 6 vs 10 (4 generations). the number of compatibility and security issues will be significantly more.
    If you are looking to learn, i would suggest you get the trial version of acrobat X and play with that for 30 days. see if it does what you want.

    If you think its worth it, buy it.
    If you can avoid acrobat 6, that's preferable but if there's no other option, there's no other option. just remember, compatibility and security with 6 will be an issue
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