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Adrian Buckmaster

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    _MG_7758 (2).jpg British, 62 years old Professional photographer for 42 years, sculptor, cook, painter.
    Citizen scientist, Interested in science, 'specially cognitive science, neuro-science, data and algorithms as they pertain to human behavior, biology, chemistry and the intersection with art, education and daily life.
    (I barely have an education, pe se, left school at 16 with one "O" level, no "A" levels, dropped out of college, interior design,)
    I wish to stay abreast of science topics through the good offices of my many scientist friends, and post a monthly news letter Lux Aeterna my photography and starting this year, topic of interest in science and it's effect on art and life.
    Long division is beyond me, but I seem to have an ability to get a sense and an overview. I ask lots of questions, I have little interest in religion or pseudo science
    Personal FB: :https://www.facebook.com/adrian.buckmaster [Broken]
    Business FB: https://www.facebook.com/AdrianBuckmasterPhotographer/photos/?tab=albums

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    Hi Adrian. smiley_sign_welcome.gif
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    Thank you for the welcome, very kind
    I look forward to being here and learning new things. Every month, I send out a circular of my current imagery, and it's my intention to include a section related to recent news in science. I hope that this site will be a valuable source for me, and of course I will attribute and link to the author and this site here.

    It seems quite a rabbit hole!

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