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Adult Swim China IL equation

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    I'm not sure how many of you watch a show on Adult Swim called China IL but I have a question about it. The school wins the math competition and to celebrate they go out and destroy the town. Towards the end of the video someone spray paints an equation that is equal to anarchy and I'm not sure why it is equal to anarchy? It is certainly possible that it's just stupid, like most Adult Swim shows but it's interesting to investigate it. I would have trouble writing out the equation but if you search China IL math competition on youtube it's towards the end. Thanks.
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    [tex] \frac { \frac {4}{x \sqrt{9p}}^n}{3m(.8)}[/tex]

    I believe this is the equation, to save others time.
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    Looks like nonsense to me.
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    Not just possible - it's a dead certainty.
    I agree with MathWarrior that this is nonsense.
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    Let's not lump all adult swim shows in the same group. China Illinois looks like complete rubbish to me, but shows like Futurama are very witty and smart when it comes to math and science.
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    Good to get that confirmed. I think the same question every time I watch that episode.

    True 1MileCrash. Futurama is one of the better shows for that. It's a shame there will be no more new episodes.
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