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Advanced Algebra Book Help

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    Hello friends, I'm new to this forum, and I joined today to ask the fellow math students (AND OF COURSE THE TEACHERS, IF THERE ARE ANY :smile: )about a book called, Advanced Algebra, it is by Scott, Foresman. I'm looking for this book for the math class at my school, because to be frank, we are missing 17 of these books, and had to borrow some from some schools in our District. And I'm wondering if there are any still in circulation that I can purchase. Here is a list of the authors of the book.

    Sharon L. Senk
    Denisse R. Thompson
    Steven S. Viktora
    Rheta Rubenstein
    Judy Halvorson
    James Flanders
    Natalie Jakucyn
    Gerald Pillsbury
    Zalman Usiskin

    It was published in the year 1993, I believe, but there were also these dates: 1990 and 1994 Impression. And as for the cover, I would like to describe it, it is a dark blue color, with this illustration on it:

    (Description of the cover)-A stroboscopic photograph shows the regularity in the movement of a rotating gyroscope. While the pivot remains stationary, the axis itself revolves outlining a cone.

    If anyone could help me out with that, I'd be grateful. Thank you.
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