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Advanced algebra

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    I am a high school student looking to study further into advanced algebra over the summer. What books / outlines / study-guides do you recommend? I would like to bolster my algebraic skills for future success in higher mathematics.

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    college algebra 4th edition by James Stewart
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    There's one with a title like "intro to modern algebra" by gilbert & gilbert that my school uses for the 1st course on algebra. They don't even do Lagrange's theorem or homomorphisms in the course so it can't be very advanced. It would probably be ok for a high school student.
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    stop by waldenbooks, they have a bunch of books that will help. last time i went there they had everything from elementary mathematics to calculus and differential equations.
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    Noteing the very disparate responses by fourier jr and killer instinct, you need to be more precise as to what you mean by "advanced algebra"!
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    A high school student asked, so I guess I just assumed that he wouldn't be working on stuff like the Hilbert Basis Theorem, free groups or Jacobson Radical, etc etc. I'd be surprised if he even knows what a group is.
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    You could check out Hall & Knight, "Higher Algebra" - it's not advanced, but neither is it elementary.
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    Sorry, i didn't specify. I was just looking to bolster my algebra skills for ap calc next year...just stuff like sequences, series, probability, log functions and permuations and combinations. Found a decent book at the library, went through it, and i am fine. Thanks for your help, though.
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