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Advanced EM

  1. Sep 26, 2013 #1
    Hey guys, Im wondering whether there is any book out there that approaches EM field using differential form and on the same or more advanced than Jackson, I have a solid knowledge of differential form and algebraic topology, thanks :D
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    The only book that uses Cartan calculus in classical electrodynamics is

    F. W. Hehl, Y. N. Obukhov, Foundations of classical electrodynamics, Birkhäuser, Boston (2003)
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    Ryder's QFT text and Baez' text on Gauge Fields (and pretty much any covariant classical field theory text) but you won't be seeing nearly as many applications or in-depth calculations as in Jackson (for obvious reasons-the Cartan calculus while elegant is not very pragmatic for practical EM problems).
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    yeah but I want to look at EM field in a topological point of view rather than caculate it :D
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