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Advanced placement preparation books

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    Hi, I'm actually wondering which ap preparation books i should purchase. I was thinking of either the kaplan or princeton review, but if there are others recommended i would greatly appreciate it. As well, please include an explanation for your suggestion. thanx.
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    The Princeton Review book is excellent for quick review. I haven't used Kaplan's, but from experience with their SAT II Physics, their problems are easier than the ones that you will find on the actual exam. I have also heard that PR's problems are a bit easier too, but the review section is excellent.
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    My thoughts on AP Review Books:
    Barron's: Most thorough, most serious. Good if you want a really solid review of the subject, but are generally drier than other review books. Nice difficult problems. Don't expect much humour...

    Princeton Review: Generally significantly less thorough review, more exposition by the author, humourous asides, etc. I found Princeton Review better for humanities-type subjects (such as English Literature) just because in those subjects, a warm and funny introduction to the exam might be better than a 200 page drill of 18th-20th century literature (which is what Barron's provides).

    Arco/Peterson's: These books find the middle ground between Barron's and Princeton Review. More light-hearted tone in the introduction and chapter beginnings, and then rather dry content.

    Kaplan: Once again, more middle ground, in terms of seriousness and problem difficulty. They also sometimes are written by a company called Apex Learning(it will say so on the cover), which usually turns the book into 300 pages of problems with no explanation of the concepts involved.

    5 Steps to a 5 Series: I've only used the AP Calculus book, but liked it. Closer to Princeton Review-style (i.e. more funny, easier to read, less difficult problems)

    Really, it all depends on your personal learning style. But Barron's will probably leave you the best prepared (English Literature excepted). What subject(s) are you taking the test in (maybe I can give more specific suggestions)?
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    I'm actually taking physics B and calculus AB. Which books do you recommend for those two subjects?
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    I was actually thinking of the princeton Review. Are there any other suggestions for different books?
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