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Advantages of having an AS in engineering to go with your Physics BS?

  1. Sep 23, 2013 #1
    Hi, all,

    Though I am planning to major in Physics with a minor in chemistry, I'm thinking of getting my associates degree in a program they have at my local community college called "engineering special studies (pre-medical engineering)." This is because the course list will give me everything I need for the physics/chem thing and it also looks really interesting--you get a wide sampling of different science classes, everything from physics to chemistry to biology to comp sci. The only problem is that it looks like I have to take several extra courses that I wouldn't have to take if I just did the physics/chem thing and I'm concerned about using up too much of my financial aid since I've had to burn through a lot of it already just catching up on the stuff I missed out on by dropping out of high school. Running out of financial aid before I finish my bachelor's degree, then, is a major concern.

    To that end, I've decided that, financially speaking, this engineering thing is going to need to earn its keep in order for me to decide to go that route instead of just going the physics/chemistry route.

    So my questions are these: Will having my AS in an engineering program make it more likely for me to get engineering work with my Physics BS? Will it make me more employable or give me more earning power in other ways? If so, how?

    TIA for your responses.
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