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Advice about fall schedule

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    I'm going to be a freshman in chemical engineering this fall. I'm not supposed to take physics until the spring semester, since we take it with Calc II. However, I technically can place out of calc I from my AP score. I'm not going to do this, because I don't feel that I have a strong enough foundation. Would it be unwise to take Physics 205 alongside Calc I in my case?

    My school has a weird way of setting it up...we take Physics I in the spring semester of first year then Physics II in the spring semester of the second year. I want to take them with no break in between. I do have space in my schedule to take it in this coming semester. I'm strongly considering a physics minor.
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    You need to talk to your academic advisor, or who ever they have assigned to advice incoming ChE freshmen at your school. He/she is the best person to know the requirements of each courses, and if you are equipped to take such courses. I would also ask about taking the courses consequently, because that advisor would know why the scheduling is that "weird".

    Make use of your academic advisor. He/she has been paid to answer the very questions you are asking here, and knows a lot more about you and the school's requirement than we do.

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    Ok, I haven't gone to orientation yet (when we set up classes)..I do that next week. They've already given me a tentative schedule, and it has Calc II and Physics I in it. Thanks!
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