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Advice: Chem to ChemE

  1. Jan 22, 2015 #1

    I am currently a junior Chem major. I am deciding to change my major to ChemE. However, my college does not offer it and I would like to transfer to another college. I unfortunately did not transfer last semester and I am stuck for the spring. I am about to start the semester really soon and would like some help. What kind of courses should I take this semester so they may be transferred to ChemE or at least help me ease to the major?

    I am forced to take a Chem course this semester as well. Is Biochem a good supplemental class? Or an Advanced class in Mass Spec? Or Inorganic Chem? (these are the only options for my year)

    Is MechE, which is offered at my current college, a better option? (I am also interested in it)
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    Biochem and inorganic chem will make you a better generalist. You never know in what industry you will be a chemE. Might be a biotech/life science/food company(unless you know that's not what you want). Same for inorganic, different type of chemistry. Many chem companies out there that do either one or the other, many that do both.
    I think Adv MS is a very useful course, especially if you were a pure chem student. But it is much more a lab-based expertise. Often companies need people with lots of expertise in spectroscopy, including MS.
    Then again, many labs today are now automated, including MS. Same with automated production processes that include MS measuring devices(no idea how common that is).
    And if you want to be an engineer specializing in MS equipment, building/designing, then obv it would be a very very useful course.

    Will they be transferable? I haven't the slightest idea. You have to ask those that get to make that decision.

    Donno what to say about chem vs chemE vs MechE, or what others might say. You have seen what chemistry amounts to by now. It is a personal decision based on personal preference and based on career opportunities there where you live.
    If you want to live in an area with a low density of companies in chemistry, that would make it a worse option. Could be a reason to decide on one vs the other.
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