Advice for 8th standard student

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    I study in the 8th standard and am a fanatic about maths and physics. My knowledge in Math is upto Partial Differential Equations and I know physics upto Halliday-Resnick level.
    I dont know how to progress further. Could anybody please help ?
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    Would somebody please give me some good suggestions? I am in real need of Help!!
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    hhhmmm, maybe you should study Partial Differential Equations.
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    Please could you state fully what math you know.

    After Halliday and Resnick you should study intermediate classical mechanics and electromagnetics. For the former I recommend "Classical Mechanics" by John R. Taylor. I cannot recommend an electromagnetics book, I used Griffiths' "Introduction to Electrodynamics" as an undergrad, and it is by far the most popular book, but I have never liked it. On the other hand, owing to its popularity, you can probably find a used copy for a good price.

    For your information, the math an undergrad physics student should know by the time he or she graduates is, in approximate order:

    Single- and multi-variable calculus
    Linear algebra
    Ordinary differential equations
    Partial differential equations
    Complex analysis
    And if you have a tolerance for math, Differential geometry.

    A book you can study with profit is: "Mathematical Methods in the Physical Sciences" by Mary L. Boas
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    Sorry for being an idiot, but what the hell is an 8th standard student? Is that the same as being an 8th grader [ here in the U.S. ] ?

    Again, I am sorry for my ignorance, but I just had to ask that question :blushing:
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    Yup dude! :-)
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    Yes, thrill3rnit3 , it is the same as 8th grader (As in the U.s.).
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