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Advice for a minor

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    I am currently going into my sophomore year at a university majoring in physics, and looking to gain a minor in something useful(either math or cs). Which would be more beneficial, I would think cs. Also, I want to learn a foreign language, but which would be best, as of now I am thnking either French or German.

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    If you're looking for 'beneficial' as in useful for the workplace, I would imagine some sort of engineering like electrical or software would be a better choice than computer science. If you're looking to be better at physics, the science advisers at my school are always saying that almost all the math taught at an undergraduate level can be in some way useful to the understanding of physics/engineering.
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    It depends if you intend to progress on to graduate school. If yes, minor (or double major) in Math or something a little more applicable to industry like Chemistry. If the answer is no then a minor in CS or an Engineering Technology degree would be a wonderful supplement to the strong analysis skills imparted by a Physics degree. If you are looking for something little bit unorthodox, do like me and attempt a Physics/Economics double ;)
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    Well the math required for a physics degree should be almost enough to get a minor, it is at my school at least. As a physics major you should just take as much math as possible anyways. Minor in CS would definitely be good.
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