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Advice for an Undergrad student wanting to become a theoretical particle physics

  1. Sep 25, 2010 #1
    Hi guys,

    I'm in the second year of my undergraduate degree at Melbourne University.

    The subjects I have done this year are:

    - Real Analysis
    - Vector Calculus
    - Group Theory & Linear Algebra
    - Quantum Mechanics & Special Relativity
    - Thermal & Classical Physics
    - Electromagnetism & Optics

    Next year I plan to do:

    - Quantum Physics (core)
    - Electrodynamics (core)
    - Statistical Physics (core)
    - Computational Physics
    - Laboratory subject (maybe)
    - Complex Analysis (Core)
    - Partial Differential Equations
    - Metric & Hilbert Spaces or Geometry

    I want to know if this sounds like the right plan for next year as I hope to pursue Masters after next year (our uni got rid of Honours) and then hopefully a PhD.

    In electrodynamics I know we look at tensors and want to know where I can find the resources to get an introduction to them before the start of semester next year.
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