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Advice for career selection

  1. May 16, 2010 #1
    Hey guys,

    I'm 17 and i'm only a year away from university, and i have absolutely no idea what subjects to take! I love cars and the technical stuff in cars .I love computers ,and like math and physics. Now from reading several topics ive learned that some guys are confused whether to take CE/CS etc.. and also that you should pursue a career that you love.
    I was thinking of working for a car company....or developing video games with microsoft (or any other game developer)
    can you guys help me out in selecting a career?

    EDIT : I also love Fighter Jets and Aeroplanes of all sorts :) (Eurofighter Typhoon FTW!!)
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    If you like cars, you might be interested in Mechanical Engineering (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Mechanical_engineering)

    Computer Engineering combines electrical and electronic engineering in a computer environment: circuit analysis, hardware design, and microprocessing.

    Computer Science on the other hand deals with the theory of computation, algorithms, complexity theory, data structures, etc.
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