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Advice for Entering Biochem MSc./PhD after Phys. BSc.?

  1. Oct 27, 2015 #1
    I have a BSc. Honours Physics degree and I have summer research experience in Biophysics and Computational Chemistry. I want to enter a grad school program where I may use the basic physics that I've acquired throughout my undergrad degree, but where the focus is around biological function. The truth is that I feel I've taken enough physics courses in my life. I'm specifically interested in genomics as well as computationally modelling biomolecules, which has lead me to look at Biochemistry programs.

    To anyone that is entered a biochemistry program (or any other interdisciplinary program) from a physics degree, did you do prior coursework to catch up? Did you feel like you were disadvantaged? Was there anything beneficial about having a physics background? Any recommendations for biochemistry grad schools that welcome physics backgrounds?
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