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Advice for my senior year of high school.

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    Hello everyone, I come to these forums from time to time, and I am glad to see a forum dedicated to academics such as you all are. If it wouldn't be too bothersome, I just wanted to see what advice I could get about my senior year of high school.

    I am currently sitting with almost all my credits needed for graduating aside from a vocational class. I've been enrolled at a community college for the last year and am also half way completed half of the credits I need to obtain my associates of arts degree. I have a 3.36 college GPA, and a 3.55 high school GPA. Last year I placed into Pre-Calculus 1 and received a D+. I tested out of that class and self-studied Pre-Calculus 2 and tested into Calculus for my spring quarter. I ended last year and received a solid B in Calculus 1 but I know that I could have received an A if I focused more (stupid girl issues). Last year left me with a very strong love for mathematics despite my history in the subject. I also have a very strong interest in Physics but have yet to take a class in the subject. I am currently signed up for AP Physics C through a virtual high school program. I go to a small "country" high school so we don't have an in class version of the subject. The only person that teaches Physics doesn't teach honors or any of the AP physics courses and dislikes physics. I am very interested in the subject however, and have a passion for learning, but I also know that I have a tendency to get in over my head when it comes to schooling. Along with AP Physics C, I also plan to take another VHS course entitled: advanced topics in chemistry. This class explains that it will prepare me for the AP Chemistry test, but is labeled an honors course. I have little but general knowledge of chemistry. Along with these two high school courses I will be taking: Intro to Computer Science (Online), Intro to Philosophy, and Spanish 1 (Online), at my community college. I have one hour of classroom time scheduled at the college but the bus will keep me there for most of the day (I live sixty miles away from the college). As I get farther into the year, I will be taking Calculus 2 my winter quarter at the college, and Calculus 3 (multivariable) during the spring, along with the other class that I will need to get my AA by the time I graduate high school. I will only be at the high school about a half an hour out of the day after I return from the college, but will be there for several hours a day for the first month of high school (the college starts later), and for several hours on Mondays (no college classes on Monday). I also do sports during the fall and spring, am getting a math tutoring position at the college, FCCLA, and will be doing drama during the winter. I currently work at a hardware store but will be asking to only work weekends once college starts.

    I am sorry for the wall of text, but do you guys think that "AP Chemistry", AP Physics C, my full college schedule, and my extracuriculars will be too much for someone to handle their senior year. I don't know what I am majoring in yet, but I know it will have something to do with mathematics, and I am currently applying to West Point, and plan on applying to Washington State University, University of Washington, Cornell, Whitman, and the Coast Guard Academy. I love the idea of a challenge, but I am not sure if this will be way over my head or not.
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