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Advice for Novice please

  1. Jan 23, 2008 #1
    Hi, as I become more and more interested in the `stuff` surrounding us, I find myself requiring more information. Can anyone advise me on what material would be suited to me in my quest for knowledge? What I don`t want is loads of mathematical symbols as I have no grounding in physics/chemistry apart from fundemental education. Maybe that would come later. I am fascinated with for example the comparison between atomic and astro physics and the crossover in patterns of behaviour. Thanks.
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    Do you have something like a Junior College nearby, where you could take some physics/math/chem/engineering classes?
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    It might not be a bad idea to find a forum online where you could ask all sorts of science questions and get thoughtful, intelligent, timely answers from thoughtful, intelligent, attractive people.
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    Probably the internet or library. You sound like the type of person that's interested in the "layman" aspects of science, sparing the details (like the mathematics and in-depth understanding). But, not like the general audience, just knowledgeable in the field.
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    Yes, that sounds about right. I want to know more but to retain my passion for the subject without becoming immersed in formulae and very technical matter. I find that just asking questions in forums such as this one, I seem to answer my own questions and this helps me progress. Thanks.
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    Andy Resnick

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    Since you don't mention what your comfort level is, I would suggest try reading a decent general-audience book, such as:

    "One, Two, Three, Infinity", George Gamow
    "Mr. Thompkins" (series), also by George Gamow
    "Cosmos", Carl Sagan
    "Brief history of Time", Stephen Hawking

    There are others, no doubt. I would advise you to avoid the 'trendy' ones about strings and "Final Theories", as they are generally not good.
  8. Jan 24, 2008 #7
    Thanks for that - I will give those titles a look. By the way when you say my comfort level, what exactly do you mean? If it`s what I think you mean, then I think I would be put off by a book full of formulae and mathematical equations. I guess I`m one of those potential sci fi enthusiasts who loves thinking and contemplating, but would find it difficult to make progress faced with difficult calculations. For the moment at least I just want to learn more about the nature of things.
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