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Advice Needed for Options after Graduation

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    I am about to be in my final year of my Undergraduate Degree. My major is Mechanical Engineering with a Minor in Math. Im considering a few options but would like to know people's opinions who have already passed this point in their life.

    Here are my 3 possibilities.

    Option 1:

    Finish my degree. Then continue on immediately afterward and go for my Masters of Science degree in ME.

    Option 2:
    Finish my degree. Then continue on immediately afterward and go for my Masters in Business Administration.

    Option 3:
    Try and get a job with my degree. Wait and see if they will pay for a Master's Degree in one of the two previously mentioned.

    Option 4:
    Get a job. Dont worry with graduate school.

    Im just curious as to what path people chose and how it affected them. I realize I probably need to go to graduate school. Im getting a little tired of school though. I havent had a break once since high school. I should finish my ME degree in 3.5 to 4 years which I think is pretty good. I will probably finish with a GPA around 3.25.

    Im also getting a little tired of spending money and not really making any. Debt isnt too much fun.

    Does anyone have any opinions on the matter? If you have more questions feel free to ask.
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    Everyone has an opinion. Here is mine. I would say to go for option 3. There are a few reasons:

    1) The money to pay for the MS is definitely a big factor. Grad school is expensive. If you make sure to look out for an employer that has an educational program, why not let someone else pay for it? Plus you will be earning a wage on top of it. That's more time to contribute to a 401k, more time to help pay off the debt you've already incurred.

    2) Experience, IMO, takes precedence over a graduate degree in 90% of the cases I have seen. I think you will be surprised to see just how much you really have to learn once in the corporate world.

    3) It gives you time to really explore what is out there engineering wise. That will help you in your choice for grad school. I think you'd be shooting yourself in the foot by going directly into an MBA. I know a lot of engineers that have MBA's and it didn't do terribly much for them because most businesses are usually top heavy in management. Hold off, see what really interests you and then perhaps find a graduate program in it.

    Again, it's my opinion. Get a good sampling of them. Good luck.
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    I'm in pretty much the same situation, currently favouring option three!
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