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Advice on A/ AS level Physics

  1. Sep 4, 2012 #1
    I took (and failed) JMB A-level Physics back in the 1980s and am interested to take A or AS level Physics again as an external candidate. As things have changed over the years I'd be grateful if you could answer some questions about the course.

    1) What are the basic differences between A and AS level?
    2) I presume A-level still has compulsary practical work but does AS-level?
    3) Is there compulsary coursework? Can this be done as an external candidate?
    3) Is it possible to take A or AS-level in one year?
    4) What's the format of the exam? Is it still 3 papers in June?

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    A level physics is administered by several different examination bodies. The answers to your questions will depend on who is administering your A-level. Typically A-level work builds on AS-level work, although may include some completely separate modules.

    Having said that I don't know anyone who did an A-level without doing coursework or practical work.
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    A-levels is divided to AS-level, and A2-level.
    AS is the first year and A2 is the second year, and yes depending on your ability you can pull both AS and A2 in 1 year or even 3 months

    this should answer half of your questions
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