Advice on bizarre watch functions

  1. my two wrist watches lose time overnight on an erratic basis and only in one bedroom of the house. Not every night and not the same amount of time(10-60 minutes).Each watch will lose time about twice a week and not the same amount of time and not necessarily on the same night.Neither watch loses time during the day(time loss appears to take place between 3-7a.m.)or in any place except the one bedroom.Batteries have been changed and phenomenom persists.The watches are analog and other clocks in bedroom(digital and analog)are not so affected.
    I would find this hard to believe if told to me.I have a graduate degree(law)and have tried to analyze how this could occur.Any help or leads to information would be most appreciated.
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  3. My first thought would be moisture, age, and lack of vibration. In daytime you wear them. Mechanics could get somewhat stuck when combination of dirt, moisture, rest angles and peace occurs. I can hear one of our watches making more noise at specific points of its gearing at night, it struggles. Though, 60 minutes is bizarre.
  4. Thanks but when we sleep in a different room the watches behave normally.It appears there is some reason or "force"that affects the watches beyond mechanics.
  5. Before going for "The Force", I'd suspect any kinds of minute differences in environmental conditions.
    There are only that many factors that could influence watch whose time reference is sealed electromechanical crystal that is not known to be affected by any of minute changes in environment. Mechanics of the watch whose important job is to conserve energy play alot bigger role here than any forces that affect the time reference itself.
    My bet is till that the "force" that affects it is your breathing, your room temperature, your snoring , as low-frequency vibration..that kind of stuff.
  6. thanks but this is more complicated.It only happens in one room of my house and both watches are high quality(Tag Heurer).Also happened with another brand that my wife wore while sleeping.Key mystery is why it happens regularly but not every night with no apparent changes.
  7. Your wife is doing it goof ball:) hehe She is messing with your head.

    Oh, do you have children?
  8. Thanks-I have figured out the mystery.
  9. And? that was ... ?
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