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Advice on Calculus II

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    Hello users!

    Im taking calculus 2 for summer(staring in 3 weeks), and it's the first time I take the course.

    Im studyng by my self, but I dont have a syllabus or something to follow.

    I already Covered this parts:

    Integration by Parts
    Trig Sub
    Trigonometric Integrals
    Improper Integrals
    Partial Fractions

    Whats left? And what should I focus more on?
    Thank You!
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    This looks like a good start, but without knowing exactly what the syllabus is for the course you're taking, I can't say more. One technique that you omitted is integration by substitution, which is probably simpler than any of the techniques you listed.

    When you say you "covered" the techniques above, what does that mean? Did you just read the section or did you work a bunch of problems in these sections?
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    Do you know the fundamental theorem of calculus?
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    If you haven't covered these in Calc 1, here you go.
    Newton Method
    Euler Method
    L'Hopital's rule
    Shell and Disk method for revolution of solids
    Integration/differentiation of polar and parametric functions
    Integration to find distance travelled in parametric and cartesian

    These may be beyond Calc 2, but I didn't think so. These are arguably more important than those above
    Infinite series
    Taylor series/polynomials
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    Problem solving. Are you working or attempting to work every single problem at the end of the sections? Also, beauty. That's a shock isn't it? Is your math pretty? Strive for perfect, beautiful notation when you do math so there is no ambiguity about the notation. Also, when you encounter a problem you can't solve, tear it apart and work on a simple, similar-looking problem, and keep making it simple until you can solve it, and then start building it back up again. Sometimes that works, sometimes not but try. What else? Oh yeah, the try thing. When you're absolutely stuck, just try things even if they're a long shot because you'll find often, just the slightest perturbation in thinking can lead to a drastically different direction which then leads to the solution.

    Sometimes the road to the right answer is cluttered with the wrong answers. :)
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