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Advice on Casimir PhD

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    I'm working on a PhD and have finished all my courses and need to think of a dissertation.

    I want my work to involve the casimir affect - something I find fascinating, but I also want to have something to do with the theory group at my school which is interested in string theory and cosmology.

    The 3 areas of relevance I have identified are:
    1) casimir effect as method to stabilize compact extra dims.
    2) CE and relations to inflation.
    3) CE and relations to dark energy.

    I'm just reading papers at the moment but don't really have much direction other than the above 3.

    If anyone has a little more experience and interest in this and could suggest some 'do-able' problems in this field related to 1,2,3 above then please leave a post!

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    I do not recommend this paper but it ties together A. Casimir, B. Cosmology, C. Dark energy.
    http://arxiv.org/gr-qc/0406056 [Broken]

    if you are reading papers, for the present, you may have come across this one since the title picks up several of your interests.
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    Thanks - I don't think I've seen that one before.
    Why don't you recommend it incidently?
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    I can neither recommend it or UNrecommend it, robuousy :smile:
    I checked the author's other papers and he has not published very much. He could well just be starting his career---a postdoc at Tata Institute perhaps.

    He doesnt seem to have any physical reasons, he is just pointing out a coincidence in nature. he himself says that it might not mean anything.
    I have not read the article enough to be at all critical. So I shouldnt say anything.

    but you did say you were interested in Casimir and cosmology and dark energy---and that paper does put those concepts together in an odd way, so i thought you might like to know about it.

    have you tried keyword searches in the arxiv? i didnt, I just came on that one by accident. the arxiv search engine might turn up a bunch of papers with both casimir and dark energy in the abstract, or casimir and cosmological constant. might. I didnt check so dont know for sure
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    Yes, thanks, I am certainly interested in this! :)

    Actually - I've only done searches on archive for each individualt subject, never the combination for some strange reason so thanks for the recommendation!

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