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Advice on choosing career

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    advice on choosing career :D

    I am currently in grade 11, and I have a deep love for mathematics and physics, and I am also taking calculus this year so I'll be ahead of my other friends :rofl: But I really don't know what type of careers my interests can offer and what things I can take if I am in university. I'm considering engineering, but I truely hate hands-on (in Chemistry class we do a lot of labs, and I absolutely hate hands-on, because I am really not a physical learner, I am quite lazy and I rather just work with numbers and formulas etc.) Would engineering still be a desirable kind of thing for me?

    I also love being an analytical thinker and I might also have an interest in psychology or philosophy. I actually think alot about physics in my spare time.
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    You really have no need to worry about career choices just yet. Go to a university with quality programs all around and take physics, engineering, math, psychology, philosophy and whatever other subjects strike you as interesting. At an American liberal arts institution, you have that flexibility. No need to decide just yet.
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    I agree.

    Just explore things now, and worry about making the big decision later.
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