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Homework Help: Advice on circuit diagram

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    1. The problem statement, all variables and given/known data
    a) the equivalent single Δ-connected load
    I have uploaded circuit

    2. Relevant equations
    none yet

    3. The attempt at a solution
    I am not sure if the question is asking me to find the resistance of both delta and y connected loads then work out them both in parallel. After I have the answer find a delta load for a circuit that equals this or simply find the delta loads impedance. That seems a bit easy from what i have done on my last question.
    The questions after the question number a make me think i should do it the first way i said but i am a bit unsure.
    also question b says i need to transform delta to y in question a but i dont see why.
    Any advice please

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    Note that the loads are complex.
    Approach load summation from the Δ side.
    3a. Transform the Y load to a Δ, then sum the two parallel Δs into a single Δ load.
    3b. Transform that parallel sum Δ from 3a, into a single Y load.
    Now approach load summation from the Y side.
    3c. Transform the Δ load of fig 3, to a Y, then sum it in parallel with the existing Y load to make one Y load.
    3d. Find the real power dissipated in the complex Δ load.
    So you can see that it does not matter how you approach the result. The Yb solution should be the same as the Yc solution.
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