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Advice on final year modules!

  1. Jan 13, 2010 #1
    Hi there, Im an E&EE undergrad in my final year. However I need some advice regarding my final 2 classes. In the last semester I took Acoustics & Audio Technology and Control, which I both really enjoyed and the exams went really well.

    Now Im not sure what to take for my final option. I already have a compulsory module called Computer Architecture because Im specialising in Audio and Video Engineering. I now have a choice between Bioelectronics , Microwaves & Optical Transmission Systems or Digital Communications.

    Im currently enrolled for Bioelectronics but heres my question. Should I take a course that interests me more or one that has more in common with my degree? Will this be looked upon in a bad light by potential employers if one course may be seen as a cop out? Any advice is welcome. Thanks
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