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Advice on getting into design?

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    Hello everyone, I was wondering if there is someone out there that could point me in the right direction as how to get into designing

    An ex-navy nuclear machinist mate, I am currently a sophomore/junior enrolled at ODU in Virgina perusing a bachelors in ME and a minor in EE with a GPA of 3.67. I havent had any senior design classes yet. I also alternate semesters with a co-op at a reliability consulting firm. While the work is interesting and constantly changing, I still have a strong desire to get into designing. My dream is motorcycle engineering, but I think I would enjoy designing almost anything. There doesn't seem to be any real job postings of this type of work(maybe im wrong). Where should I go?
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    VEC(Virginia employment Commision) website has plenty of engineering positions.

    Make sure you take a 3d modeling course during your college years.

    Catia or Creo/Pro Engineer is examples of this. Newport News Shipyard is big into Catia. Not sure about Norfolk Naval.

    The more classes you take using 3d modeling the better off you will be in the design world.

    After you get your degree and nothing pops up in 3 months. Get a machinst job at Newport News shipyard or Norfolk Naval. Once your internal it is easier to get into the engineering/design group. I would even consider whipping up a AAS in Computer Aided Drafting and Design. Both TNCC and TCC community colleges offer these degrees and it would make you more marketable in the Hampton Roads area. You can knock out 90% of it online within a year or two.

    I would only do that if your really desperate though. You really would be taking a step back in getting your AAS in CAD after you got your engineering degree. Maybe just take the needed 3d modeling courses.

    I feel once you graduate in engineering and you get in one of the shipyards; within a year your in the engineering group.

    By the way; welcome to Virginia.
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    Well thanks for the welcome to virginia, but I have been here for a while now.

    And thank you for the VEC, didnt even think about that. One thing is for certain though, and I may be cutting out alot of potential for my self, but I have no desire to go back to Norfolk or NN shipyards. Nor do I have any desire to work in nuclear power. Ill praise these all day long, but have bad tastes left in my mouth, so to speak, and not looking to go back any time soon.
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