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Advice on going back to school!

  1. Mar 23, 2013 #1
    I am going back to school! I started my post-high school career as a mechanical engineering student. I studied ME for 2 years, did "okay," and got lured away dreaming of a life of adventure. I was already an EMT (emergency medical technician), so I got a full time job on an ambulance, went to school for 2 years and became a paramedic, worked for 6 years full time as a firefighter, got married in the mean-time, realized I hated being a firefighter/paramedic, and became an electrical lineman a year and a half ago. I have finally found something I love doing, both the hands-on aspect and the electrical theory.

    I plan on going back to school, part-time on-line, for Electrical Engineering at Arizona State University. I know, it's part-time on-line, but that is all I can do while still working full-time. Their on-campus BSEE program is very well regarded and ABET accredited, and the on-line EE program exactly mimics the on campus program, with the same professors teaching both on campus and online. I have yet to speak with an advisor, don't know all of the details in regards to how labs are accomplished, etc. I don't even know if the on-line program is ABET accredited yet, probably not, but their online MSEE IS ABET accredited and they will accept students into it who have completed the online BSEE. It is reasonably priced, convenient, and my work will pay for it!

    Now that my story is over (sort of an introduction as this is my first post) I need some advice as to how to brush up on my math. I always did well in math, even in college, successfully completing up through Calc III. It would be naive of me to think that this would all come back, and I will obviously be restarting math at Calc I. I would love some advice as to how to prepare for Calc I. I would like to start at basic algebra. What books can anyone recommend as a progression to prepare?
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    Thanks BiP. I have been to Khan Academy's website after seeing a piece about it on 60 Minutes. That was a while ago, and it might be a good spot to start!
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    I actually recommend the other two websites more than KA. But whatever works for you is fine.

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