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Advice on material science/nanotechnology

  1. Oct 6, 2013 #1
    I have just completed my undergraduate studies in electrical engineering and looking for options in material science because I have a feeling that is the place where I can get the chance to invent anything if I will ever invent something.
    The thing is my knowledge is strictly electrical with some ideas in quantum physics. I have never taken a course on Material science. What I know are things like analog/digital/power electronics, electromagnetics and waveguides, analog/digital/data communication, control engineering, some thermodynamics, fluid mechanics and statics/dynamics which I did in first year.
    The thing is though I want to do material science/nanotechnology I'm a little bit apprehensive that I will always be walking ponderously in the course instead of running my way through. Is it a viable option for an electrical engineer ? Will it be enough to get a book on the subject and go over the key ideas ?

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