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Advice on Math/Physics degree!

  1. Jan 7, 2013 #1
    Hello i attend Mcmaster University and I am interested in the Math/Physics discipline through the math/stats faculty. You graduate with one degree so it is not a double major. I was wondering what kind of job opportunities are out there for someone that would be in this program and how would it look like in the future?
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    Sounds like a non-standard program. Job opportunities depend on what marketable skills you learn and they also very much depend on doing internships and networking during your program.

    Since your degree would be non-standard what would you have to put on your resume after graduation that can sell your skill set? Internships with potential employers? Research projects? Technical skills like programming? As long as you can get these marketable qualities that usually come with a "regular" degree you can be competitive with other graduates.
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    I dont have much experiences other than this tutoring business where i own the company and tutor math and physics. My program also offers Co-op but I dont know who my potential employers would be or where I would use the knowledge I have out in the workforce. I am only in second year, next year would be my Coop season. Do you have any advice how I should start? My goal is to teach later on but mainly do research more in the physics side after I graduate.
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    What do you mean by non-standard program?
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    Well, I just mean the name of your degree isnt going to be "Math" or "Physics" right? Or is it? This part makes me wonder what your degree is actually about -> the Math/Physics discipline through the math/stats faculty. You graduate with one degree so it is not a double major.

    If you want to do physics research that requires a pretty narrow path. Check out the "so you want to be a physicist" thread. Otherwise I would take every and any chance you have to foster a relationship with potential employers through your coop or other means.
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